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RedwolfPrograms: Making coding fun

At RedwolfPrograms, we work to make games and tools which show off fundamental coding techniques. This helps us and the people we work with learn important skills in a world which is rapidly becoming more technological in nature. We have worked on many projects, focusing on skills such as client-server interaction (ToshChat), math in game design (Merchant), and 2d graphics (Zombies).


New site!


I'm glad to announce the release of the new RedwolfPrograms site! I've been putting it off for a year now, but pressure from LISD (this site, as many of you may know, is currently blocked) has caused me to update. To access our projects (games and tools), use the projects list to the right.



The ToshChat experiment was very interesting, but unfortunately I'm going to need to remove it in order to get this site unblocked by Leander. It will be replaced by a multiplayer game in a few months.



If you want to provide feedback to the LMS student council, President Mann's Advisory Board has created this survey.

To provide feedback on games and tools by RedwolfPrograms, or request programming help, use this survey.

As usual, emailing me or talking to me in person is also pretty fast.


Popular Games


Merchant: A simple HTML/JS game based around trading and upgrading, demonstrating math and logic in programming

Zombies: A slightly less simple birds-eye zombie fighting game, demonstrating 2d graphics

Controls: WASD/arrow keys to move, left shift to switch weapons, right shift to reload, enter to toggle melee, 1-8 to use powerups

Other Stuff


Zombies 2.0: A very indev (unfinished) game, all you can do is walk around

Rock Paper Scissors: If you're just extremely bored, check it out

Grade Finder: A simple tool to help you figure out how something will impact your grade

Phrase Generator: Lots of fun...just put a list of sentences into the dark green box, click the word "excellent" at the top (not the button), and hit enter